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U Values:   All Simplicity door/window systems are Part L compliant, whole frame U value analysis is calculated and supplied for each individual project.  We can manufacture timber door system that surpass part L Building regulations, whole frame U value as low as 1.1W/m2k

Timber:  We continually look to supply timber from our suppliers who deal only with legally, well managed and sustainably sourced supplies.  Our timber suppliers have chain of custody certification for FSC, (Forest Stewardship Council) and also PEFC (programme for the endorsement of forest certification) both accreditations being paramount. With this in mind, all stable and durable timbers species can be used in an exterior simplicity door/window system with only stability required when using timber species for interior doors.

Glass:  Our sealed unit manufacturer can offer products to meet the highest standards for heat insulation, solar control and noise reduction, Offering centre pane U values from 1.2W/m2k down to 0.4W/m2k, solar factors as low as 23% and sound reduction as high as 48dB all strictly manufactured to BS EN 1279 Parts 2 and 3 and supported by Kitemark assurance of quality.

Glass installation:  We supply our door/window system either using fully bedded glazing systems that our supply manufactories have had independently weather tested to BS 6375 and BS 7950 or a drained and vented system that our supply manufactories have had independently tested to BS 7950.

Locks:  Automatic locking multi-point lock that can operate as a slam lock.  When closing anti-pushback hooks automatically operate to achieve instant security.  Our supply manufactories have achieved Secured by Design accreditation for this multi-point lock.

Key Cylinder:  Enhanced Security cylinders are manufactured to a high quality with a 6 pin locking system encompassing  nickel plated pins offering high wear resistance, comprising 262,000 available key differs with 3 x alloy steel drill pins protecting the key way with snapsafe, anti-bump, anti-pick, and anti-drill protection features as standard.  These can be offered keyed alike allowing multiple locking doors to have one key.  Product tested to requirements of Din 18254-EN1303 and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000.

Weather seals:  Tested to BS 6499 and BBA approved.

Paint and Stain finishes:  All door/window systems can be supplied fully factory finished using a “Total Factory Applied Protection” coating system.  Water based microporous paint and stain specifically designed for exterior use protecting vulnerable areas and providing a long lasting decorative finish.  These coatings use resin systems which when dry are both flexible and breathable allowing timber to move naturally through the seasons.  An extensive range of standard paint and stain colours are available with additional colour matching facility.  Environmentally conscious products with VOC levels significantly below current and projected European norms and free of all heavy metal additives.  Our door/window systems can also be supplied with split colour finishes from inside to out.

All information given is based on data taken from various sources and given in good faith.